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You are amazing.


You are everything the universe has ever wanted.

You're unfolding in perfect timing, in the perfect place, with potential

           you may not yet understand.

Every person is amazing, every animal, tree, and boulder.


We are all made of an essential preciousness.

In the moments we remember this, we are co-creating heaven on earth.

If you forget who you are, a dog licks your nose.

If you forget your essence, someone you trust reminds you.

If you forget you are special, a song moves you to joy.

Messages are everywhere.

Everything is coming to say hello...

Hyacinth macaw at Bird Sanctuary 2016
Dionne and Cisco
Dionne with Jeannie's and BJ's dogs August 2013
Cockatoo talking
2014 with Mikey, a shy dog
The goat at Bates Nut Farm about 2010 #2
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