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Grace and Toki

This story is for the child in all of us, about a girl on a journey who cannot remember where she is going or even her own name. She meets a pal of a dog, an irritable hamster and a wise rabbit, plus merry birds who travel with her and teach her about herself and life. By the end of her travels, she comes home in a new way to herself. 

Paperback: 139 pages and 35 color illustrations. Also available in eBook format. On Amazon.


Everything Is Beautiful at Least Once
Poems on the Spiritual Path 


You have been beautiful more than once, and you will do something great one day, even if you’re not sure what it is. These are the proofs of your greatest self. The journey of forgetting and remembering who we truly are often needs to be repeated many times before the horizon comes to meet us. These poems serve as encouragements along the humble path of awakening.

This is my debut collection of 83 poems.


Available in paperback and eBook formats on Amazon.

A Beautiful Spine
Scoliosis Reversal and Pain Reduction after 50 


This story relates my triumphant journey to fix my scoliosis pain through holistic, non-surgical treatment and exercise. Patients are provided a multitude of solutions and encouraged to set up beneficial habits to ensure their greatest success. Contrary to what we may have been told, scoliosis can be improved!


Available in eBook format on Amazon.

To hear a podcast about doing what seems impossible even after age 50, click here for an interview with Greg Patterson of

The Singing Bird Will Come
Living with Love, Strength, and Joy; 
A Book for Incest Survivors

THE SINGING BIRD WILL COME is a helpful, easy-to-read tool that can assist people in healing from abuse. Issues such as claiming our space, honestly telling ourselves and others what we need, letting go of control and becoming appropriately vulnerable, being comfortable with our body, are addressed in a clear and straightforward way. -- Melody Beattie


This companion guide for survivors of childhood sexual trauma focuses on changing one's future through small changes in the present. Each chapter encourages the reader on new behavioral options that are ranked by level of courage.

Available online or by contacting me

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